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Vandalia Home Inspections is proud to be one of the top rated Home Inspection companies in West Virginia! Thank you to our clients for helping us reach 150+ 5 Star Reviews! Ready to experience the peace of mind Vandalia Home Inspections can offer? Book your inspection...

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Buying a home is stressful! Don’t do it alone! Allow Vandalia Home Inspections to partner with you, giving you peace of mind that you are making an informed decision!

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Once you close on your home, it’s easy to jump right in on making the improvements you dreamed about when first walking through the house! But home projects often require significantly more money and time than what we first think. Prioritize your improvements...

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Thanks, Brien! It’s always an honor being part of the home buying process! Check out what all of our clients are saying here: 304inspect.com/reviews/

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Owning a home means that eventually, something is going to go wrong. If you’re not the most handy person, finding someone now that can help you fix minor issues with your home can help save you a major headache when the time comes!