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Below you’ll find a collection of information regarding home inspections. Some posts will be about maintenance tips, while others will be examples of what-not-to-do.

Prevent Headaches – Clean Your Gutters

Summer heat means summer storms! Now is a great time to double check that your gutters aren't clogged up with debris, and that your downspouts are directing water away from your home's foundation! If they are clogged, clean them out to make sure that your drainage...

Summer Maintenance Checklist

Summer temps are finally here! Take some time to get your home ready to enjoy all summer long with this simple Summer Maintenance Checklist! #VandaliaHomeInspection 

Hot Water Tank Maintenance- Drain It!

Performing regular maintenance on your hot water tank can greatly extend its service life! Regular maintenance can also prevent costly damaged caused by a leaking hot water tank! Read this article to learn how to take care of...

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen clean and healthy. Regular maintenance and cleaning can ensure that your garbage disposal functions properly when you need it! Why Clean Your Disposal? Most food is ground up and...

Beautiful but Costly – Prevent Ice Dams

While ice cycles may look beautiful hanging off the front of your house during the winter months, they may not be worth the unexpected cost that comes with them. Check out this article on how to prevent ice dams. Ice Dams The proper term for what happens when ice...

Winter Checklist For Your Home

The harsh winter months can be difficult on your home! Freezing temperatures, heavy snows, and additional heating needs can all affect the health and lifespan of your home. The winter months present a great opportunity to check on some key elements and systems of you...

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